Actress Abigail Breslin’s father, Michael Breslin died this morning after having a weeks-long battle with COVID. He was 78 at the time of his departure.

The Zombieland star shared the news of her father having caught COVID on February 10th. Abigail, after two of sharing the news, revealed that he was not conscious and had to be placed on a ventilator.

Abigail took to Instagram to inform her fans of her father’s passing and offer him a remembrance. Abigail posted several pictures of her father and wrote:

my daddy…Oh wow. Hard to write this. Harder than I thought. I’m in shock and devastation. At 6:32 PM EST , my sweet, perfect, amazing, heroic, wonderful dada passed away after my family and I said goodbye. It was COVID-19 that cut my sweet daddy’s life too short. I appreciate more than you know, the love and support my family and I have received. Mostly I want to remember my dad for who he was. My dad was a hilarious, boisterous, tenacious, rebellious, intelligent, sweet, incredible human being. He loved life. He loved his family. He loved the simple things…He loved a cup of coffee(black, heated up for 66 seconds). He LOVED a good Knish (but ONLY in the winter). He loved BBQ’ing (and while we loved brown mustard he only wanted French’s Yellow).

Abigail goes on to talk about more things that her father loved doing. Michael Breslin was a telecommunications expert. He also worked as a computer programmer while handling consultations on the same as well.

Rest In Peace.

Nitish Vashishtha

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