Travis Scott is mostly known for the amazing rap music he creates. However, it seems that he’s gotten it in him to inspire others with more than just his music. The Cactus Jack’s Foundation, led by Scott himself has partnered with the City of Houston to provide aid and sustenance to its 50,000+ residents.

The city of Houston is going through a rough patch while dealing with a crippling winter storm. The storm has decimated Texas and knocked out its power supply, which led its citizens to face extreme difficulties in dealing with the snow without any electricity or heating equipment.

The Cactus Jack’s Foundation issued a press release where they revealed that they have been working closely with the local organizations such as The National Association of Christian Churches, The Black Service Chamber and local restaurants and bars to trace the common needs and requirements which aren’t being fulfilled for the locals.

The organization is taking trucks loaded with food and water to the doorstep of people and families which are especially in need of assistance, such as differently-abled individuals, homebound individuals, families with non-adult children, the elderly and the unemployed.


It should be noted that while Ted Cruz simply abandoned his responsibility for a vacation in Mexico, Beyoncé (in association with Adidas), Ellen DeGeneres & Megan Lee Stallion have also taken to the task of supporting the Houston locals.

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