Lady Gaga’s dogwalker was shot on Wednesday night and two of her beloved French Bulldogs were stolen.

Gustov and Koji are now gone, but her third French Bulldog, Miss Asia, was able to escape. Miss Asia is back with Gaga now, but authorities have reason to believe that this was a targeted attack.

TMZ spoke with authorities who are “seriously looking at the possibility the shooter/thieves knew the dogs were owned by Gaga.” You can click here for chilling video of the attack, but please be warned it is hard to watch.

The car that approached dogwalker Ryan Fischer in the video shows two people jump out of the vehicle right away. It was dark, and they had zero time to spot French Bulldogs, a valuable breed for theft. That seemingly rules out the possibility that Gaga’s dogs were targeted because they are valuable. The fact that Lady Gaga’s dogs were walked in that neighborhood was no secret either.


What’s more … our law enforcement sources tell us, Ryan Fischer told numerous people in the neighborhood he was walking Gaga’s dogs, so lots of people knew.

The walk that night was intended to be a short one. That didn’t give the robbers time to follow for any great distance. This could very likely have been a planned attack on Lady Gaga by stealing her dogs.

Lady Gaga’s name has come up in many circles in a non favorable way. She was also linked to debunked QAnon conspiracy theories, and she sang at President Joe Biden’s inauguration. The Born This Way singer also has a ton of money, and theives could have simply targeted her for ransom cash.

She has offered a $500,000 “no questions asked” reward for the safe return of her dogs. So far, we have heard no update on whether Lady Gaga has received a tip about her dogs’ whereabouts.

H Jenkins

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