50 Cent’s career has consisted of success from many avenues of the entertainment industry. He has played a variety of roles and his acting resume is still growing, still some fans harken back to photos of Fifty where he looked very bad off.

Photos from the All Things Fall apart film, one where he dropped fifty pounds to play a football player with a deteriorating illness, have circulated since its 2011 release. This was recently a subject of conversation as Freddie Gibbs spoke on the Joe Rogan experience. Gibbs said that it might not have been worth it for Fifty, because nobody saw the movie.

“50 Cent did that sh*t, it was trash though. You remember when 50 Cent got skinny for that movie? Nobody watched that sh*t.”

They spoke about Christian Bale’s famous weight loss to play the Machinist. Then they jumped back to 50 a bit as Gibbs suggested that the famous rapper could use some donation money.


“Damn, 50. He got skinny as f*ck for this sh*t. He looks like a Nigerian Olympic runner. But we didn’t watch that movie.”

Joe Rogan was shocked by how skinny 50 Cent got, but he didn’t seem to throw any shade, because 50 still looked jacked, “Look how skinny he got! But still, he looks kind of jacked. But still, he’s kind of ripped. He’s got chest muscles. He looks like a runner. His face looks like sh*t but his body looks like he’s a runner. He didn’t get as bad as Christian Bale.”

50 Cent is obviously dedicated to any project he goes into, even if it means he must undergo a physical transformation. It’s hard to hate on someone who shows that much dedication for his craft, no matter how well the film performed.

H Jenkins

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