Jennifer Susan Wright, a Florida based doctor is allegedly facing a hate crime charge. According to the police, she physically attacked a Hispanic man who asked her to maintain social distancing in a grocery store.

Wright also called him a racial slur and then stepped out to key his car. She also told the man that she would “get rid of every single one of you.”

Even though this incident took place on January 20, Write was only arrested on February 19 as reported on Miami Herald. Wright, an avid supporter of former President Trump, was charged with criminal mischief, tampering with a victim, and battery with prejudice. This was after an enhancement of ‘hate crime’ which upgraded the charge to a felony.


The alleged attack took place on the day current president Joe Biden was inaugurated. The series of incidents unfolded at a popular shopping spot in Miami Springs.


While in line waiting to pay the bill, the woman stood too close to the man who politely asked her in Spanish to maintain social distancing. But she ignored his request. He then repeated the same in English and she began “mumbling bad words”.

The man ignored her and walked to his car to load his groceries. She was enraged at him and keyed his car. She called him a ‘spic’, a racial slur used for Hispanics. When he tried to call the cops, she punched him and escaped in her car. She was arrested later outside her home in Miami Springs.

Anant Shastri

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