In a shocking turn of events, Cassie dropped a bombshell lawsuit against her ex, Diddy, earlier this month. The lawsuit was packed with a laundry list of serious allegations, including sexual assault, physical and emotional abuse, and more. Just a day after Cassie filed the suit, a surprising settlement was reached, leaving the public with raised eyebrows. Diddy, however, has remained resolute in asserting that the settlement should not be interpreted as an admission of guilt.

Now, enter Suge Knight, who decided to chime in on the matter via his podcast, “Collect Call With Suge Knight.” Knight didn’t hold back, offering a fresh perspective on the situation.

Suge claimed that Cassie’s allegations against Diddy didn’t catch him by surprise, going so far as to allege that Diddy had a history of mistreating women. Knight even recounted a particularly unsettling incident involving Diddy’s assistant, Capricorn, who was said to have kept Cassie’s relationship with Kid Cudi hush-hush. According to Knight, Diddy’s reaction upon discovering this was nothing short of violent, alleging that he physically assaulted Capricorn.

But the revelations didn’t stop there. Knight delved into an incident where he claimed Diddy had allegedly “beat the sh*t” out of an individual associated with Interscope. Supposedly, Diddy then reached into his deep pockets and paid the person off to dodge any potential legal consequences.


Cassie, following the settlement, released a statement expressing her desire to resolve the matter amicably, stating, “I have decided to resolve this matter amicably on terms that I have some level of control.” Diddy echoed a similar sentiment in his statement, extending well wishes to Cassie and her family.

However, Diddy’s legal woes are far from over. He has now faced two additional lawsuits from women who have accused him of sexual assault. One of his accusers alleges that in the early ’90s, he and Aaron Hall sexually assaulted her and her friend. To make matters worse, she claims Diddy later physically assaulted her. Diddy vehemently denies all these allegations, branding the lawsuits as nothing more than a “money grab” and accusing his alleged victims of exploiting the Adult Survivors Act.

Suge Knight’s comments have added yet another layer of intrigue to this ongoing legal saga. The situation remains fluid, and as the legal proceedings continue to unfold, we’ll be keeping a close eye on developments. Stay tuned to Thirsty for News for more updates.

H Jenkins

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