Hold onto your helmets, folks, because James Gunn just served up a surprise update on Peacemaker Season 2 that’s got fans buzzing with excitement.

In a recent exchange on Threads, one eager fan couldn’t resist asking about the fate of the John Cena-led series, and guess what? Gunn had some tantalizing news to share.

Gunn revealed that he was currently in the process of writing the next season of Peacemaker, sending ripples of anticipation through the DC fandom.

Now, we all know that Gunn is a busy man, juggling multiple projects, including the highly anticipated Superman: Legacy and overseeing the rest of the Chapter 1 slate. Creature Commandoes is also on the horizon, with new cast announcements for the Superman movie dropping almost daily. With all this happening, it’s easy to see why fans of Peacemaker were feeling a bit anxious about the future of the show. However, Gunn’s recent update hints that more news is on the way.


Superman: Legacy is undoubtedly hogging the spotlight at DC, especially with David Corenswet donning the cape as the Man of Steel. His physical transformation into Superman has been the talk of social media town. But Gunn hasn’t forgotten about the Peacemaker faithful. As the fervor over Superman settles down, we can expect more information to trickle in about John Cena’s return to the series.

Now, while fans have been busy submitting their daily character requests for Peacemaker Season 2, there’s one character who won’t be making the cut – Bat-Mite. A hopeful viewer raised this possibility on Threads, only to be met with the disappointing news that the inter-dimensional imp won’t be gracing the show’s lineup.

Gunn’s decision regarding Bat-Mite was somewhat expected, as he previously discussed his approach to the character. Gunn acknowledged that bringing Bat-Mite into the DC Universe was a bit like playing a massive prank. He explained that Peacemaker’s relationship with other superheroes, his envy and desire to be among the likes of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, made Bat-Mite an unlikely fit for the series.

So, what’s on the horizon before Peacemaker Season 2? Well, fans will have to wait a bit longer to see John Cena back in action. James Gunn’s DCU journey begins with Creature Commandos, and Superman: Legacy is also in the pipeline. However, there’s one crucial show for HBO Max that will serve as a lead-in to the second season of Peacemaker – Waller.

Waller is confirmed to hit screens before we dive back into the beloved HBO Max series. Gunn hinted that some of your favorite characters from Peacemaker will make appearances in Waller, promising an exciting link between the two shows.

As the DC Universe continues to expand and evolve, fans of Peacemaker have plenty to look forward to in the upcoming season and beyond. So, what are your hopes and dreams for Peacemaker Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments, and let the anticipation build!

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