The Rock has history in the pro wrestling business. The Great one got close with the Von Erich Family, too. He also anticipates the film Iron Claw, along with so many others. Sadly, this story about The Rock didn’t make the film.

Dwayne Johnson is known for naming his gym The Iron Paradise, so the Iron Claw may hit hard with him. He recently appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience, where they got down with some serious topics, including The Rock’s illustrious history in the business. During the show, he discussed his pro wrestling career, including a stint in Dallas, Texas.

The Rock shared insights about his father, Rocky Johnson, who wrestled for the Von Erichs in World Class Championship Wrestling. He also mentioned his childhood encounters with The Von Erich brothers, expressing a special fondness for one of them.

“Kerry was my hero, man. What’s crazy is when my dad wrestled for Fritz Von Erich we lived in Dallas and every week at this famous area called ‘The Sportatorium’, this tiny little arena the size of like a little flea market.


Those guys I used wrestle with them in the afternoons and just roll around the ring. It was wild.”

The Von Erich Family made history in the pro wrestling business, and their story is still being told to this day. We can only hope that The Iron Claw does them justice, because pro wrestling family have waited a long time for a true telling of the Von Erich Family’s story.

The Rock didn’t have anything to do with the new Iron Claw movie. That doesn’t mean he is going to skip out on watching it, because it just may bring back a lot of memories from his own legendary life.

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