Travis Kelce just wiped the slate clean on his social media accounts, erasing a bunch of cringeworthy posts from the ancient era of 2010 and 2011. And boy, did the internet explode!

Why did Kelce decide to pull this stunt, you ask? Well, it turns out he was facing some heat over these decade-old gems. Taylor Swift’s loyal fanbase, the Swifties, stumbled upon some hilarious but questionable posts from Kelce’s past, including bizarre rants about squirrels and Chipotle. That’s right, folks; he wasn’t just scoring touchdowns, but he was also dishing out hot takes on fast food and furry critters.

But it wasn’t all laughs and giggles. Some of Kelce’s deleted posts revealed a darker side, with fat-shaming comments and hints of homophobia. Ouch! Travis Kelce has yet to break his silence on the matter.

The question is, what’s the aftermath of this social media purge? Well, it’s a mixed bag. Some die-hard Taylor Swift fans, like the “Gaylors” (the LGBTQ+ Swifties), and even controversial figure Dave Portnoy, are treating this as a victory lap. They see Kelce’s deleted tweets as proof that he’s not worthy of being in Taylor’s orbit. Drama, anyone?


On the flip side, there are those who are mourning the loss of the less offensive tweets, as they believe Kelce’s past shouldn’t define his present. It’s a war of opinions out here, folks!

But wait, there’s more! Kelce’s life is about to get even more interesting. Not only is he set to face off against his brother in a Monday Night Football showdown, but his parents are also rumored to be meeting Taylor Swift’s folks. Talk about a family affair!

Though it’s not official yet, word on the street is that Andrea and Scott Swift will be sharing a VIP box with Donna and Ed Kelce. The Swifts are known for their love of the Philadelphia Eagles, but rumor has it that Kelce managed to sway Scott to the Kansas City Chiefs fandom. How, you ask? Apparently, it all went down during a dinner in Buenos Aires. Travis Kelce himself spilled the beans on his podcast, New Heights, and even Jason Kelce slid into Scott Swift’s DMs, calling him out for being swayed by Kelce’s devilish good looks and his relationship with Taylor. Shots fired!

Now, as for Taylor’s presence at the upcoming game, it’s still up in the air. She’s scheduled for a three-night extravaganza in Rio de Janeiro leading up to the big showdown. But if history is any indication, we might just see her pulling off another whirlwind trip to make it to the game. Taylor Swift, the queen of surprises, never fails to keep us guessing!

What are your thoughts on the controversy surrounding Travis Kelce’s deleted tweets and the reactions from different fan groups? Do you think past social media posts should define a person’s present or future? Leave us a comment below.

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