In a chilling and gruesome turn of events, Samuel Haskell Jr. is facing three counts of murder, despite only body parts of one victim being recovered. So, why is Haskell charged with three murders? Here’s the disturbing story.

Law enforcement sources have revealed that witnesses played a pivotal role in the case against Haskell. Day laborers hired by Haskell to remove trash bags from his home became suspicious when they opened one of the bags and found body parts. Horrified by their discovery, they promptly returned the bags to Haskell.

According to TMZ, biological evidence was discovered at the residence where Haskell’s wife and in-laws lived before they went missing. This evidence is linked to three different individuals, but the exact nature of the evidence remains undisclosed. Police also found blood at the house.

It was previously reported that Haskell was captured on video disposing of what seemed to be a heavy black bag in a dumpster near his home. The day before, a dismembered body was found in a bag from the same dumpster.


In addition, obtained footage of the day laborers hauling three trash bags from Haskell’s residence, later returning the bags to his driveway. Subsequently, the workers reported their gruesome discovery to the police, while Haskell drove to a nearby strip mall and discarded another bag in a dumpster.

The body found in the dumpster remains unidentified, but it is confirmed to be that of a woman. Haskell is facing charges related to the murder of his 37-year-old wife, Mei, as well as her parents, 72-year-old Gaoshan Li and 64-year-old Yanxiang Wang.

Recovering the other bodies presents a daunting challenge for law enforcement, especially if they were dismembered and discarded in the trash. Once trash is emptied and taken to a landfill, it is rapidly buried, making it exceedingly difficult to identify remains.

The discovery of the body parts in a bag was, in part, thanks to a homeless person who stumbled upon the horrifying scene. Samuel Haskell Jr. remains in custody, potentially facing a life sentence without the possibility of parole if convicted. This disturbing case continues to send shockwaves through the community.

What challenges do you think law enforcement faces in cases involving the discovery of body parts and the identification of victims, and what measures can be taken to address these challenges effectively? Leave us a comment.

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