Drake is no stranger to lyrical warfare, and it seems he’s taken some shots at fellow rappers in his latest track, “Stories About My Brother,” from the For All the Dogs: Scary Hours Edition album.

In the song, Drake unleashes a flurry of words aimed at his detractors, and it appears that a couple of rappers have ended up as collateral damage in the process. Here’s a breakdown of the lines causing a stir:

“Imagine us gettin’ our validation from an ex-musician searchin’ for recognition / Same story every time, they heckle in repetition / I’m top of the mountain, these n***as still down at base camp, they plannin’ they expedition.”

Many fans speculate that this verse is directed at Joe Budden, who criticized Drake’s For All the Dogs album on his podcast, accusing it of lacking maturity. This led Drake to call Joe a failure in a lengthy Instagram post.


“Y’all the type to catch a charge, head to the deposition / And act like the rapper named after the sex position.”

This line has sparked speculation that it could be a dig at 6ix9ine, referencing his past legal troubles. It’s worth noting that Drake and 6ix9ine haven’t had any public beef before this, making it a surprise for fans.

Drake’s For All the Dogs: Scary Hours Edition is the third installment in his Scary Hours series, expanding the original For All the Dogs album into a deluxe version. T

he rapper announced his surprise return with a trailer, where he confidently expressed his satisfaction with the new body of work. It seems Drake isn’t afraid to speak his mind through his music, even if it means stirring up some controversy.

What are your thoughts on Drake’s latest track and the potential shots he’s taking at fellow rappers like Joe Budden and 6ix9ine? Do you think these lyrical feuds add to the excitement of the hip-hop scene, or do they create unnecessary drama? Leave us a comment.

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