Kim Kardashian just spilled some piping hot tea about her ex, Kanye West, and his humble new living situation!

During a recent episode of her reality show, Kim hinted that age has made Yeezy a tad more down-to-earth. While the man’s got undeniable confidence thanks to his mama, Donda, it looks like he’s been trading in his extravagant digs for more modest accommodations lately. We’re talking hotel rooms and a cozy rented apartment, people!

But hold up, here’s the plot twist – Kim K claims that her kids prefer hanging out in Kanye’s smaller space over their massive family mansion. Talk about a head-scratcher!

And that’s not all, fam. It seems like Yeezy has been leaving traces of his former life behind, with The Sun reporting some graffiti on the walls of his LA Yeezy Headquarters. Who’s responsible for this street art? Well, it’s a mystery, y’all! But guess what? Homeless folks are now camped out in tents right next to it. Coincidence? Who knows!


Insiders close to Ye spill the tea, revealing that Yeezy HQ used to host “secret fashion events, Sunday Service performances, and exclusive movie nights.” It was basically Ye’s secret lair for all things cool. But it wasn’t just a store – it was more like a multi-purpose hangout.

Kanye, being Kanye, is still paying rent on the place, and a few employees are still chilling there. But if you were expecting glam and glitz, think again. Inside, it’s all about “unfinished wooden structures and debris.” Not quite the vibe we were expecting!

But wait, there’s more! Kanye West isn’t just about fancy headquarters and graffiti drama. He’s also got his creative juices flowing for some new music. Y’all know Kanye gives his all to whatever he’s working on, and right now, it’s all about his upcoming album with Ty Dolla Sign.

There were some rumors that the project might’ve been canceled, with some cryptic social media posts and all. But don’t you worry, Ty Dolla Sign set the record straight – that joint LP is “coming real soon.” So, hold onto your hats, ’cause Yeezy’s still got some fire in him!

What are your thoughts on Kanye West’s shift to more modest accommodations and his reported graffiti-decorated Yeezy Headquarters? Do you think this change in lifestyle reflects a new chapter in his life, and how might it impact his creativity and music? Leave us a comment.

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