Billie Eilish is in the fight of her life as she seeks protection from a man she believes poses a real danger to her and her loved ones. In a dramatic turn of events, Billie has gone to court to secure a restraining order against a man named Shawn Christopher McIntyre, who she claims has been relentlessly harassing her and her family.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, the nightmare began in September when McIntyre allegedly bombarded Billie and her family with hundreds of disturbing messages. These messages included “disturbing professions of love” directed at Billie herself and “violent threats” aimed at her brother, Finneas.

In her plea to the court, Billie is urgently requesting a restraining order that would require the 53-year-old McIntyre to stay at least 100 yards away from her, her family, and a close friend named Zoe Donahoe. She also seeks to bar him from contacting her on any social media platforms.

The details of the threats are bone-chilling. Some of the messages reportedly included ominous statements like “I’m hunting your brother and his friends,” and even a voicemail in which he professed his love for Billie while threatening harm to her brother and even Elon Musk. He allegedly wrote, “I’m sorry for what’s going to happen to your brother dude I tried you know what I’m saying I really did try…


Billie’s fear is palpable, as she claims that McIntyre has previously stalked her outside her home and near her family’s residence. She is deeply concerned that without legal intervention, he will escalate his harassment and potentially act on his threats, putting her and her family in grave danger.

It’s a chilling and distressing situation that highlights the very real dangers of stalking and harassment, even for high-profile celebrities like Billie Eilish.

Given the seriousness of the situation and the potential threat posed by Shawn Christopher McIntyre, what measures do you think should be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of Billie Eilish and her family? How can society better address issues of stalking and harassment to protect individuals from such threats? Please share your thoughts and insights on this matter.

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