Well, folks, it seems like 50 Cent is keeping us on our toes with some rather unconventional news. In a recent Instagram post, the rapper and entertainer made an interesting declaration that has raised some eyebrows.

In the post following a successful concert in Birmingham, England, on his Final Lap Tour, 50 Cent wrote, “Please refer to me as the thing 50cent. I do not identify as a person anymore; I’m a thing. Thank you in advance.”

But that’s not all; 50 Cent seems to be doubling down on this notion. In a subsequent Instagram post, he declared that he identifies as a “thing,” and his pronoun is “THING/ IT.” He humorously urged people to refer to him as “the thing 50cent,” and even added, “or you can say that thing 50cent is the s**t!”

It’s a rather unusual declaration, and it’s not entirely clear whether 50 Cent is making a statement about identity or simply engaging in some playful social media banter. Either way, it’s safe to say that 50 Cent is keeping us entertained and guessing with his latest pronoun twist!


What are your thoughts on 50 Cent’s declaration that he identifies as a “thing” and his request to be referred to as “the thing 50cent”? Leave us a comment below.

Steve Carrier

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