“The Simpsons” made headlines with its recent decision to put an end to Homer’s iconic habit of strangling his son, Bart. While this move has sparked a debate among loyal fans, it has received applause from a prominent child abuse prevention organization.

Dr. Melissa Merrick, the CEO and President of Prevent Child Abuse America, spoke exclusively to TMZ about her enthusiasm for the animated series’ decision. She believes that after 35 years on the air, “The Simpsons” resetting its internal practices will showcase responsible portrayals of positive child-rearing, reaching millions of viewers in the process.

Merrick emphasized that her organization has been tirelessly working for decades to bring about significant changes in how society discusses child abuse, creates policies to combat it, and engages influential figures to make a positive impact. She underscored the importance of collaboration with various partners, including researchers, media outlets, other nonprofits, and individuals, as a crucial strategy to prevent child abuse from taking root.

Prevent Child Abuse America commends the creators of “The Simpsons” for their awareness of the impact they wield in shaping the discourse on abuse. Merrick sees their decision as setting a powerful example for others in the entertainment industry. She hopes that this move will encourage more Hollywood figures to step up and raise awareness about this pressing issue.


In conclusion, Dr. Melissa Merrick shared that she now holds an even higher regard for “The Simpsons” because of their decision. While the retirement of the controversial and long-running gag of Homer strangling Bart sparked some criticism as being “gone woke,” many believe it’s a step in the right direction.

What are your thoughts on “The Simpsons” decision to end the iconic gag of Homer strangling Bart, considering the perspective of child abuse prevention organizations like Prevent Child Abuse America? Leave us a comment below.

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