Chrisean Rock’s pregnancy earlier this year tied her not only to Blueface but also to his mother, Karlissa Saffold, who has a history of causing trouble in her son’s relationships, particularly with his two baby mamas. Despite their current strained relationship, Karlissa still hopes to spend time with her two-month-old grandson as he grows.

In a recent live session, Saffold addressed questions about whether she plans to reach out to Junior’s mom to meet him. She began by saying, “Now, you know she knows where to find me,” indicating that she has reached out to Rock to see the baby, but received no response. She expressed her desire to care for her grandchild, noting that she’s now in need of “a pissy diaper and a smelly neck” since her own children have grown.

However, Saffold’s stance quickly changed, as she contradicted herself moments later. When someone suggested that Rock doesn’t need support from Blueface’s mom, Saffold emphasized that she’s not in a hurry to step back from her grandmother duties, stating that a baby needs all the family they can get.

In another stream, Blue’s mom shifted her tone again, mentioning her intention to take legal action against Rock for allegedly withholding her grandchild. She asserted her rights and claimed to have consulted with legal professionals. Saffold also hinted at her plan to confront both Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn Alexis on her reality series, vowing to bring the cameras along. She concluded by stating, “You can go back and tell those muthaf*ckas the momma coming,” emphasizing her determination to address the situation.


The situation appears to be complex and could potentially lead to a legal battle between Blueface’s mom and his second co-parent.

Stay tuned to Thirsty for News for updates on this developing story.

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