Offset is showing no signs of slowing down after the release of his album “SET IT OFF.” The rapper has revealed that he plans to drop another album in February of next year, keeping the momentum going.

In a recent encounter with TMZ Hip Hop in Beverly Hills, Offset shared his plans for the upcoming project. He also hinted at a family collaboration, indicating that his eldest son, Jordan, has been working on beats and might even get credit on the next album.

When asked if he would ever include his children on an album or song, Offset responded, “I would, I definitely would.” He went on to reveal that he has something in the works with his son, although it’s not a song. The project is set to be released this Friday, and Offset assured fans that his next album is dropping in February, labeling the news as exclusive.

Offset’s latest album, “SET IT OFF,” which was released in October, received positive reviews and performed well. However, it was also an emotional period for the rapper, as it coincided with the anniversary of a tragic loss in his family and career. Despite the challenges, Offset remains dedicated to his craft and continues to make his mark in the music industry.


Fans can look forward to Offset’s upcoming album in February and the potential collaboration with his son, Jordan. The rapper’s determination and commitment to his music are evident as he continues to dominate the game. Stay tuned for more updates on Offset and his upcoming projects.

What are your expectations and hopes for Offset’s next album, especially considering his hint at a family collaboration and his track record of successful releases?

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