Even after all he has done since his meteoric rise to stardom, 6ix9ine has not once halted in his tracks. He recently got beaten badly at a gym which left him hospitalized. He has now been spotted in Cuba after being released in good health from the hospital.

6ix9ine has been recently spotted in Cuba following his violent gym altercation. In the clip, the Brooklyn rapper is seen in the countryside of Pinar del Rio. He had a big hat and an unbuttoned shirt and was walking along the waterfront. “6ix9ine again in Cuba but with a different style,” read the caption on the video.

The N.Y. rapper-federal informant was seen coming up a steep canal bank. He could be seen smiling as he proceeded to take big steps to come over on the plane land. People who were making the video and the bystanders welcomed the rapper and were greeted with much warmth.

The last time 6ix9ine was on camera, he was jumped in the bathroom at LA Fitness. As previously reported, a video surfaced on March 21 showing Tekashi being beaten by three men. They beat the unsecured rapper for more than a minute, resulting in his hospitalization.


The internet was going nuts over the news as thousands of people interacting on the pages that circulated the video online. Most speculate this is a payback for snitching on his former gangmates. Police have released a statement about the assault and asked for the public’s assistance in catching those responsible.

Tekashi 69 was arrested in 2018 on suspicion of armed robbery, attempted murder, racketeering, and firearms possession. He was released in 2020 given that he will be under home arrest. Despite that, he managed to make music and nuisance all around. For more on 6ix9ine, stay tuned to Thirsty.

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