Last year, Kanye West made headlines for his controversial actions and remarks, including wearing a ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirt during his Yeezy fashion show and making anti-Semitic comments. Ye stated that he’ll go “Death Con 3 On Jewish People. He also called POTUS Joe Biden a r***** for not listening to Elon Musk. These actions caused an uproar and led to criticism from fans, the media, and various organizations. That said, it seems Jewish organizations don’t really buy his apology.

In a surprising turn of events, Kanye West recently announced he has changed his views on Jewish people and is no longer an anti-Semite. The rapper credited actor Jonah Hill for his newfound perspective, stating that watching Hill in the 2012 film “21 Jump Street” was a turning point for him.

According to TMZ, Watchdog group StopAntisemitism and the American Jewish Committee both stated that they need more than just one social media post to believe he’s sincere when it comes to his newfound like for Jews.

The organizations are willing to meet with Kanye West to discuss further steps while calling on him to do many things to prove he is not who he used to be.


Joking about a movie with Jonah Hill is not the apology that the Jewish people deserve from Kanye, particularly when his antisemitic tirades continue to have a dangerous trickle-down effect of hatred against Jews.”

SA’s Executive Director Liora Rez, whose watchdog group named Kanye the “Antisemite of the Year” for 2022, stated that forgiveness is a major Jewish value and the rapper can still be forgiven, starting by publicly denouncing Nick Fuentes.

The AJC spokesperson Richard Hirschhaut made it clear they will not immediately forgive Kanye West, adding that it’s hard to believe an 11-year-old movie is what made West become a better person.

“It is a little odd that all it might take for Kanye to renounce his vile antisemitism is to watch and 11-year-old Jonah hill movie. Whether Kanye is sincere, only he knows.”

The Jewish organization is also issuing a call to action for Kanye, as they want him “to take a serious and detailed look at his constant doubling down on antisemitism over these past several months and renounce each of these repeated, threatening and vile expressions of antisemitism. Then and only then could we contemplate a fresh conversation.” We’ll have to see what Kanye West will do to make amends.

Do you think Kanye West genuinely changed his mind about Jews? Do you forgive him? Sound off in the comments!

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