We’ve seen men sending explicit images to women on social media. However, it has been a rare find that men get sent similar lewd and graphic images out of nowhere. This time Blueface has been a recipient of such DMs and he’s pleading with them to stop.

Blueface recently tweeted about his hands being “bisexual” and it got a lot of attention online. What he probably meant was that he can through hands with either gender and is not shy of confronting either. However, some people from the LGBTQ+ community took it literally and started sending him explicit photos.

The Cali rapper has now taken to Twitter again to address the fact that he’s been getting multiple lewd images from men. He then tweeted a couple more aiming at the LGBTQ+ community. He said that he respects their journey but doesn’t want any of the “gay sh*t” in his DMs.

Everything about this stems from an on-off few with his girlfriend Christean Rock. Rock and Blueface are having a tough time reconciling and are always at their best mocking and threatening each other. They say everything is fair in love and war, well, this ain’t love.


Their major arguments frequently center on Chrisean’s pregnancy and other important issues. Blue recently called Chrisean out for not doing the laundry as the two reprimanded each other. Several of their most intense altercations are followed by less dramatic and routine stuff.

Individuals may be embellishing their bond a little too much or it can be a weird phase for the couple. Yet, one thing is certain: both will need to craft their tweets more carefully. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more on Blueface and Hip-Hop.

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