Logic has honed his talents to such an extent that many consider him to be one of the best out there. He has always impressed fans with his lyrical plays and interesting style of music. This time he has delighted people with his intention of paying his fan’s rent.

Logic got a text on TikTok from one of his fans as they asked for a free ticket to his concert. The fan was also in a tough situation as he couldn’t pay rent on time due to a lack of funds. Logic went up a notch to fulfill the wish of that individual by offering him to pay his rent.

“F**k the tickets; can I help you with your rent? My people gonna hit you up. I’ma help you out a little bit. We gonna send you something slight, you know what I’m saying? Help you out, you know what I mean? Can’t have you out here on the streets.”

The rapper was in a mood to make the day for many fans as he went on to give free tickets to a few of his fans. Apart from paying his rent, Logic also proposed to give him free tickets to the concerts as well. Taking to social media sites, he shared a few of the other fans that needed a hand to make it to his concert.

Another fan commented: “Man I don’t need any money but my three-year-old loves your music maybe one day we will be on a track together.” Logic responded: “I’ll send you something just for little man!!!” He was also in the giving mood over the weekend when another fan told him they couldn’t afford to buy concert tickets.

 “Oh really, you don’t say? You’re too broke? You’re too broke to see me on my tour? Well, you’re getting free tickets muthafucka! Let’s go, we finna turn up! You coming backstage, you getting free merch! We go!”

Three of Logic’s albums have debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 thanks to his devoted fan base. He also stated that he created music for his followers rather than Hip Hop in general. Given how much love and support his fans give the rapper, it is not surprising that he gives his fans all his love.

Once his album College Park was released, Logic scheduled a tour. Logic: The College Park Tour with Special Guest Juicy J will start on May 25 in Madison, Wisconsin. Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, and more cities will be covered at the event.

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