After watching his former co-stars Brendan Fraser and Ke Huy Quan bask in the success of the 95th Annual Academy Awards, Pauly Shore is ready for his own comeback. The comedian and actor is eager to return to the big screen after feeling overlooked in recent years. In a recent interview with Page Six, Shore opened up about his desire to act again and the challenges he’s faced as a celebrity.

Pauly shore had to sit back and watch as host Jimmy Kimmel joked that it must be difficult for Pauly Shore since his two co-stars from ‘Encino Man’ are nominated for Oscars.

“Two actors from ‘Encino Man’ are nominated for Oscars. What an incredible night this must be for the two of you and what a difficult night it must be for Pauly Shore,” quipped Jimmy Kimmel

Shore responded to the pot shot by telling Page Six that this is how he has always been treated in the past.


“We love to hate people when they’re on top. People wanted to smash me down and they did. I was always nice to everyone, always cool, I put my heart into my all my films.”

He continued, “You’re buying and selling a human being,” he added of being a celebrity. “Human beings have feelings, it’s not like selling real estate.”

However, Shore reiterated that he is thrilled for his co-stars.

“It’s a big deal, I’m happy for these guys,” he said. “We did a movie together years ago and I’m glad that people still talk about it 30 years later. It’s crazy.”

Pauly Shore then stated that he’s ready to make his comeback to the big screen.

“I do truly miss acting and I miss being on set … hopefully it happens … it’s about just dreaming and hoping.”

He added, “People are always like, ‘We want you back!’”

Shore who acted in movies like “Jury Duty” and “Bio Dome” said that his movies stand the test of time and they have a message.

“The movies I did stand the test of time — even ‘Jury Duty!’” Shore said. “All my movies had heart, they all had a message.”

Pauly is currently in the middle of his one-man show tour called “Stick with The Dancing: Stories from My Childhood” which is all about growing up in the late ’70s and ’80s.

He mentioned that the title is something his mom told him after he ended his first stand-up performance by popping and locking. His mom, Mitzi Shore, is the co-founder of the iconic Comedy Store where comedy legends like Jay Leno and Robin Williams got their big break.

“My whole life I’ve had a microphone in my hand. I was pretty much born on the steps of the store” he said. “Most of the people familiar with me know my movies and MTV, but they don’t know my roots. So we’re going to focus on the roots.”

Shore is definitely waiting to be back on the big screen and needs someone to see a different side of him.

“The directors and producers are the ones with the vision. Someone out there will say, ‘You know what, we’re going to do something you wouldn’t expect — we’ll put Pauly in this role that no one would expect,’” Shore said. “That’s where my heart is.”

Shore spoke about his future by saying that he is not going to give up until he gets that opportunity again.

“I am not going to stop. I’m going to keep going. I know I’m going to get that call, and get that opportunity. That’s what’s it about.”

With his one-man show tour in full swing, Pauly Shore is proving that he’s still a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. However, the comedian is not content with just performing live shows. He wants to make a comeback on the big screen and prove that he has more to offer than just his iconic ’90s movies. Stay tuned to Thirsty For News as we bring you similar stories.

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