Khloé Kardashian is no stranger to Photoshop fails and it seems like she’s done it again. After re-posting a set of sultry Instagram photos, fans noticed some editing mishaps and called her out on social media.

In the original now-deleted snaps, Kardashian’s right leg bent awkwardly inward at the hem of her silver dress, seemingly in an attempt to make her legs look slimmer. In another photo, her upper and lower glutes looked disproportionate to each other, with her backside seemingly enhanced while trying to snatch in her waist.

Fans took to Twitter to share screenshots of the alleged editing mishaps, with one user questioning, “bro who tf photoshops their pics so badly.” Another fan joked about the metallic background, saying, “the aluminum foil in the background to cover the photoshop,” while a third added, “honey wake up new khloe kardashian face just dropped.”


After removing the photos, Kardashian fixed some of the obvious errors and re-uploaded new photos from her best friends’ birthday party. However, the snaps still appeared to be heavily retouched, with one of the photos showing the foil in the background noticeably warped to whittle down her waist.

It’s not the first time Kardashian has faced criticism for her editing skills. In the past, she has been accused of altering her photos to the point of looking unrecognizable. While some fans appreciate her attempts to make herself look better, others argue that it promotes an unrealistic standard of beauty and reinforces the need to constantly alter one’s appearance.

What are your thoughts on the prevalence of Photoshop in the media and its impact on our perception of beauty? Do you believe that celebrities like Khloé Kardashian have a responsibility to promote a more realistic and natural standard of beauty, or do you think it’s up to individuals to decide how they want to present themselves? Share your opinions and join the conversation in the comments below.

Steve Carrier

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