WWE has a schedule full of events that they are preparing for fans, but one recent announcement was a huge deal for fans in Puerto Rico. Vince McMahon’s company will travel to the US territory for Backlash on May 5th, but that isn’t the only event going on that night.

WWE has competition all over. In fact, YouTube is even a competitor at this point. Anything that fans can watch instead of WWE programming is something that the company needs to consider, but they are barreling on with Backlash plans anyway.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke about WWE’s decision to run Puerto Rico on May 5th. Apparently, the fact that UFC and boxing are both running shows on that night isn’t going to sway them.

“WWE will be gigantic there (Puerto Rico). Every time they go there, they draw well. Pay-per-view is going to sell out instantly and a hot crowd and it’s Cinco de Mayo, and it’s in Puerto Rico.


This also sounds like a Nick Khan thing because Cinco de Mayo, a big event, and the feeling even though boxing is most likely going to run with Canelo that night, UFC is going to run, and their mentality is the crossover is not as big as it used to be, so we can run.

Plus, we’re not pay-per-view. It’s free on Peacock so even if people want to watch the UFC that night they can watch us later. Everything’s changed because of the fact that it’s Peacock.

They would’ve never done these European shows earlier in the day because of the idea if it’s a pay-per-view it’s got to be in that timeslot, or it’s not going to sell because people are used to that time slot and buys go way down if we move out of that time slot.”

We will have to see how Backlash turns out. This will be the first premium live event after WrestleMania 39 goes down, so the WWE landscape could look very different at that point in time. WWE also airs their premium live events on Peacock, a subscription service with replayable content, and a lower month fee.

WWE has a lot of plans for the future, including a possible company sale. It appears that Puerto Rican fans will still get an incredible show in the meantime while we await for whatever awaits them in the future.

What’s your take on WWE running against the UFC and boxing? Is this a good move? Sound off in the comments!

H Jenkins

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