Tiger Woods is going through a tough court battle with his ex-girlfriend. His ex, Erica Herman is trying to pull out all stops for making Woods pay for alleged domestic abuse. This time, the golfer has been sued for $30 million by Erica for an attempt to kick her out of their house.

In Hobe Sound, Florida, Erica Herman sued a Woods-controlled homestead trust, seeking more than $30 million in damages. Documents obtained reveal that Tiger and Erica truly split up last fall. Herman alleges in the lawsuit that the trust and its representatives stole $40,000 in her name in cash.

The former couple had been living together in his Hobe Sound, FL home for 6 years. During that period, according to Erica, she provided Tiger with “valuable services” in exchange for staying there without paying rent. However, she doesn’t have that in writing, but refers to an “oral tenancy agreement,” which was supposed to last 5 more years after their split.

Erica claims Tiger’s people convinced her to pack a suitcase last fall for a “short vacation” without Tiger. However, once they arrived at the airport, she was told she’d been “locked out” of the house and could not go back. She alleges that one of Tiger’s lawyers even met her at the airport with a proposal to resolve any outstanding issues between Tiger and her.


Tiger and his trust denies there was ever any oral agreement about her living in the home. Herman also filed a separate complaint this week, suing Woods and requesting release from her NDA with him. She argues that the NDA is not enforceable under the federal Speak Out Act.

The lawsuit also reveals that Woods has faced several troubles over the years away from the golf course. A car crash near Los Angeles in 2021 and a sex scandal were mentioned in the document. There’s a thin air of ambiguity around this whole lawsuit however, we’ll be keeping up with the updates.

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