It’s safe to say that Paddy Pimblett and Jake Paul aren’t on the best terms. Both of them have had a prolonged beef since 2022. When asked if he’s ready to take on Jake in the ring, Paddy seemed very confident in his affirmation.

TMZ hosted the UFC star in a recent interview where he expressed his views on the younger Paul brother. Initially, he said that he wasn’t impressed with The Problem Child’s performance during his 8-round bout with Tommy Fury. Fury won the fight which took place in Saudi Arabia by a split decision.

“Tommy won anyway and I thought it wasn’t a split decision, either. I thought it was a unanimous decision. He won most rounds.”

Paddy had doubts about whether Tommy has been intentionally performing worse in his last few fights. Later he threw some jabs at Jake by calling him “a terrible boxer” and worse than how he imagined him to be. The UFC star thinks that he might have overestimated Paul’s prowess all this time.


“It seems to me like Tommy Fury was boxing bad against his last few opponents on purpose, know what I mean? Or Jake Paul’s just a terrible boxer, even more worse than I thought. I was giving him more credit than I thought he deserved.”

This isn’t the first time Pimblett has gone in on Jake Paul and his fighting abilities. The two stars went back and forth last year after Pimblett suggested his fight against Anderson Silva was fixed. Jake later offered Paddy $1 million if the UFC fighter could beat him in a 5-round sparring session.

Unfortunately, the above-mentioned matchup didn’t ever materialize ever since the offer was made. The fight between Jake and Paddy is still something to be desired by the fans. When asked if he’s still down to spar with Jake he replied positively by saying, “Yeah, if he wants to,” Pimblett said. “I don’t give a f***. I’ll spar with anyone.”

Pimbett has recently released a workout supplement, Paddy “The Baddy” Everything Ultimate Pre-Workout with ABE. However, the 20-3 fighter will not be at UFC 286 due to an ankle injury.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing beef between Paddy Pimblett and Jake Paul? Do you think Paddy would have a chance against Jake in the ring? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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