Paddy Pimblett has an impressive record of 20-3 in MMA and 4-0 in the UFC. He is known for his exciting fighting style, and he has the same demeanor outside of the ring as well. Pimblett will have to undergo surgery in March.

Paddy Pimblett won a controversial decision over Jared Gordon at UFC 282 in December. He recently revealed that he injured his right ankle on the first kick of the fight. With the promotion returning to London for UFC 286 on March 18, many people thought it would be the ideal time for the British star to return.

However, it appears that won’t happen. Pimblett revealed in a YouTube video that he will undergo surgery for his ankle injury in the same timeframe.

Looks like you have got a small amount of cartilage lost in this bit, and that’s exactly where you’re sore,” Pimblett’s doctor said after examining him. “The other thing you’ve got is all this white stuff around here. That’s all fluid, so that’s what all the swelling is. Now when we look at your ligaments that joins from your fibula, you probably got what we call a Grade 2 injury to that.

Paddy Pimblett has been on a lot of people’s radars lately. The charismatic Brit even caught the attention of Logan Paul. Paul said he would love to fight the rising UFC star.

Prior to defeating Gordon, Pimblett defeated Rodrigo Vargas and Jordan Leavitt on consecutive UFC London shows in 2022. He received Performance of the Night bonuses for both finishes. Keep an eye on Thirsty to get the latest updates.

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