Andrew Tate is still detained in prison in Romania. However, “Top G” still communicates with his fans via social media, especially Twitter. This time he has let his followers know about his innocence, as he claims to have 500 pieces of proof to back him up.

Tate recently took to Twitter and as usual pleaded his innocence to his followers. In the tweet he posted, he claims to have cooperated totally with the authorities in every investigation. He’s disappointed in the fact that even after providing 500 pieces of evidence of his chastity, he is still in jail.

“I’ve cooperated fully in every way. Done everything they asked of me. I have 500 pieces of video, photo and other evidence proving my innocence. But I am still in jail. What does Romania want from me?”

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristian were arrested and detained by Romanian authorities late last year. They were taken in under investigation for a possible rape, human trafficking, and other serious offenses. The brothers are still being detained, and their sentence has already been thrice extended.


The Tate brothers’ female accomplice, Luana Radu believed to have been dating Tate for almost a year. The two models are being held under house arrest after the court’s latest decision. The brothers have tried to appeal their prison sentence twice but to no avail.

Recently, a judge in Romania increased their sentence by 30 days. The Tate brothers are reportedly considered “too dangerous” to be free. Tate thinks he is clean despite accusations like these.

It’s been the third consecutive time that the Romanian court has declined an appeal from the Tate brothers. As days go by, he claims to be innocent however the court slams those claims and extends their prison stay.

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