LeBron James has had a very below-par season given his high standards. Frequent injuries have been a major contributor to this lack of performance. Things are not looking good for King James, as he’s seen in huge boots to support his injured legs.

On Tuesday night, LeBron wore an enormous footguard to Los Angeles’ game against Memphis. It happened only two days after he first hurt his lower leg while shooting hoops against the Dallas Mavericks. This big supportive boot can be a hint that his season is seriously in threat of ending.

The LA Lakers man was walking unconvincingly as he made his way around the Tennessee arena in street clothes. This is a horrible sign for the Lakers who have had a mediocre season so far despite having a roster full of superstars. They need to win the majority of their remaining 20 games to have a chance at making the playoffs next month.

To make matters worse, Grizzlies took home the win against the Lakers with Ja Morant taking the centre stage. The Lakers fell short to the Memphis-based team 121-109 as James witnessed the loss from the sideline. It’s not clear when or even if LeBron can make it back to the team at some point this season.


Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors has also shared his thoughts on the impact of LeBron James’ absence. He along with every NBA fan can see the team struggling without their best player on the court. James is reportedly been rested for at least two weeks to allow the foot a chance to heal.

James is obviously not pleased with anything. He wrote, “Fkn sucks!!!!” beside a photo of his broken leg on Instagram on Monday night. In these dire conditions for their club, Lakers supporters can only hope for the best.

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