LeBron James has been headlining for the LA Lakers for a long time. His performances have elevated his and his team’s status as one of the best in the league. However, in recent times LeBron has been sidelined due to injuries. He has now spoken about it.

LeBron James talked about his recent interviews in the post-match conference of the Lakers vs The New Orleans Pelicans. He opened up about the nature of his ankle and leg injuries and how they all came about. James addressed everyone that there has been no structural damage to the bones, just wear of the muscles.

“Just knowing there was no structural damage. No stress reaction, no stress fracture, no bone chips, breaks, anything like that. It was just something that happened, just wear down. … I was able to not stress it as much because I was not able to play the last three games.”

Things have not been all gloomy for the LA Lakers star. Just last Tuesday, LeBron broke Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record on the NBA scoring list. This is one of the best records in the entire history of the league. It is unfathomable to think that James could have ever broken this record.


Ever since breaking the huge record, he has been sidelined with a mild injury. However, he played in the last game against New Orleans and did quite well. The Lakers looked like a complete team as James scored 21 points in an 18-point victory.

To qualify for the play-in round, the Lakers will probably need to win 67 percent of their games. It’s more difficult said than done given the team’s current status and past season performances. But, everyone appears really determined to make it happen now that James is surrounded by a fresh squad.

It’s great news for LeBron that he has not had much of a serious injury this time around. Without LeBron, they would ultimately have no chance of actually winning anything. With him fit and playing in full force, an argument about the play-in can be made.

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