Chris Brown recently found himself at the center of controversy after a video surfaced online, showing him involved in a heated argument with an unknown man at a nightclub. Brown has been on tour overseas, wowing fans with his electrifying performances and seemingly having a great time. However, this particular incident has raised eyebrows among his fans and the media alike.

The video clip in question shows Brown and his entourage at the nightclub, with the singer engaged in a heated exchange with the unidentified man.

While it’s unclear what exactly led to the altercation, Brown can be seen yelling at the man, while his team tries to calm him down. Unfortunately, the identity of the man is unknown, as the video only captures the back of his head. Brown dropped off a message to his target, saying, “You know you tucked your tail.”

The argument seemed to have fired Brown up, even after leaving the club. He took to the internet to continue the confrontation, calling the person a “weird ass n*gga” and claiming they were “scared to come outside.”


“You know you tucked your tail. You was scared to come outside. You would’ve been doing TIK TOKs from a hospital bed. Weird ass n*gga.”

This is not the first time Brown has faced criticism recently. He received pushback for his collaboration with Chlöe, with people bringing up his past domestic violence incident. Brown defended himself on Instagram, acknowledging his past mistakes but frustrated with those who refused to see his growth. Despite his efforts, his detractors remain unmoved.

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