Kenny Omega is a former AEW World Champion, and he is still going strong as part of The Elite in AEW. The Executive Vice President of AEW also draws inspiration from various forms of media to tell his stories. It turns out that Batman is one source that has given Kenny Omega a lot to work with.

While speaking to The Sessions, Kenny Omega opened up about his in-ring style. He also spoke about the ongoing stories he has in AEW, and how he is able to keep things fresh. The Cleaner equated his situation to Batman, as he said that The Dark Knight cannot fight The Joker every week.

“So I was getting matches around 18 minutes to 25ish. And then for the big ones, you know, that’s anywhere from 30 to 50 to an hour, but the main ones are like 20ish. So I thought, how can I study for this? How can I improve myself? Can I take nods from anything around me? And I began to study weekly cartoons, specifically superhero cartoons. Because an episode lasts about 21 minutes long, there’s a beginning, there’s a middle there’s an end.

“The hero gets put into peril at some point. And every week, there’s probably a new villain featured. And every week, for example, Batman cannot fight The Joker every week. It’s not always going to be that serious. There’s not always going to be that ‘oh my goodness, the world may end the moment.’ Sometimes he’s just to fight the Riddler, sometimes it’s the fight with you know Mr. Freeze or Clayface, how do you make all those instances?


“How do you make all of those altercations interesting? How do you make them feel like they mean something? And how do you make them different from one another, and sometimes you can elicit other emotions, even though, you know, you are supposed to be taken as this incredible superhero, someone that’s larger than life, someone who is supposed to be one of the best at doing what you do. So I had found that specifically Batman cartoons, Justice League, yeah, they really helped a lot.”

Kenny Omega had a miss a ton of in-ring action in 2022, and his contract with AEW actually should have expired already. Tony Khan is having Kenny Omega work through that missed time from the ring right now, and it’s anyone’s guess how long he will stick around.

WWE is said to have their eye on both Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. We will have to see if WWE can snag any of those high-profile names from Tony Khan’s company eventually.

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