While this year’s SAG Awards ceremony honored outstanding work in both film and television, an awkward incident on stage has been receiving excessive media attention. While the cast of The White Lotus was receiving their prize for Best Ensemble, Aubrey Plaza was reportedly informed by a costar that her “boob [was] hanging out.”

Obviously, the audience was unable to see the starlet’s entire chest. She did, however, display some underboob throughout the entire evening while wearing her Michael Kors gown. With that being said, Jessica Paster, Plaza’s stylist, has spoken up in her support while responding to criticism aimed at her outfit.

Plaza posted a photo dump to Instagram celebrating the HBO series’ significant victory. Despite receiving negative remarks regarding the dress’s fit, Paster has defended the choice with her side of the story. “The straps could be better adjusted. I love the colour, and hair and makeup look amazing,” one Instagram user commented following the SAG Awards.

“Did seven fittings… For real… I wanted underboob,” Paster revealed in the replies, making it clear that she and her client were trying to draw attention to the dress’ center cutout.


However, it’s still unclear at this point exactly what was said to Plaza during the speech. Whatever it was, she clearly wasn’t pleased, as evidenced by the angry expression on her face. She was also recorded saying cuss words like “Shit’s f*cked” and “Jesus Christ,” which caused quite a fuss online as viewers tried to understand the drama that was taking place. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get the latest updates.

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Smita Singha Roy

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