Latto made a name for herself by being a rapper in the hip-hop industry. However, after Latto posted a video of herself cooking soul food on TikTok, there were numerous claims that she was dating 21 Savage. However, Latto blatantly denied their relationship but some believed the reason she hasn’t revealed the identity of her partner is that she might be pretending to be a mistress.

Latto has recently found herself arguing with people online. This time, a Twitter user with the username @OPDrags enraged her with a passive-aggressive message of congratulations on her most recent Billboard charting hit song, “Lottery” ft. Lu Kala.

The argument began when the user pointed out that it was Latto’s first single to chart in more than a year. “You want to talk about first like you haven’t been playing second as a mistress for 3 years,” the user wrote. To which Latto responded, by rejecting the notion of being a mistress to anyone, saying that people are obsessed with her personal life.

“I whole a** LIVE w my man Ion even CUM 2nd! Yall need to get off them tea pages & go touch grass! My privacy is driving u up a wall. Mistress to who? Why they don’t see the cars, diamonds, etc? Cause yall know Im spoiled 2 DEATH! Uon know me & Uon got it figured out like AT ALL.”

However, some believe that she and 21 Savage have been secretly dating, despite the fact that neither has made their relationship public. Some of their closest friends have, however, made the contrary suggestion. Lil 21 Harold acknowledged them as a cute couple, which also sparked rumors that the two rappers were dating. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get the latest updates.

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