Jake Paul and Tommy Fury had an amazing match in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Tommy came out on top despite Jake giving him a run for his money. Jake’s brother, Logan Paul, was present at the event and cursed Fury during the match. Nate Diaz has now retaliated against Logan for that.

Nate Diaz was tuned in to the fight between Jake and Tommy. During the match break, people on the sidelines were allowed to speak about the match and Logan took this opportunity to motivate his brother. However, he later called Tommy a “bi**h” and cursed his whole family. Nate Diaz later took to Twitter and addressed Logan’s behavior.

“Jake I love you, I’m not going to give you a big speech, I know you got this. But, either come back victorious or come back on your shield, I love you bro. Tommy if you can hear me, you a b***h, you gassing out. You a b***h and the whole Fury family a b***h.”

Diaz called Logan a “spoiled lil b***h” in the tweet where he mentioned how obnoxiously he acted at the event. Logan’s pressing words towards Fury were not appreciated by Diaz and hence he called the former out. Nate wants the YouTuber to get his “a** beat” because of the annoying scream Logan aimed at Tommy.

“This guy needs his a** beat And who let the spoiled lil b***h yell obnoxious s**t during the fight ?”

British network BT Sport was compelled to apologize on-air for the fight’s language. The commentators criticized Logan’s actions as well because the two were engaged in a tense struggle in the squared circle. The plan to jeer Fury ultimately failed since the British fighter showed superior technique throughout the match.

Logan has also previously talked smack about Tommy Fury. He has criticized Tommy and his family once before this fight. To elevate his level of stupidity, he earlier in the night Logan told BT Sport he would knock Tyson out if he saw him in the arena.

Nate Diaz’s final fight in the UFC was slated to be against the up-and-coming Khamzat Chimaev in a blockbuster main event at UFC 279. Logan has recently come from the Royal Rumble and is set to appear in Wrestlemania against Seth Rollins.

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