50 Cent and his girl Cuban Link are known to have intriguing interactions on social media. She is well-known for trolling her beau, but this time, unfortunately, her prank oh him backfired.

On February 26, Cuban Link, also known as Jamira Haines, took to her TikTok to upload a video that showed her attempting to trick her boyfriend. “Baby,” Haines calls 50 Cent, to which he replies off-camera, “What?”

“This boy be in my DMs saying I’m preeeetty,” she tells him.

“In your DMs saying what?” 50 asks with a befuddled tone. “He say I’m pretty,” she answers. However, it appears like Cuban Link doesn’t get the response she probably expected because 50 simply responded, “Good! Get knocked out,” which ultimately made his model girlfriend laugh in surprise.


Cuban Link, who has been dating 50 Cent since 2019, might have assumed her prank would have gone over better given that her DMs had previously been linked to his protracted feud with The Game.

The former G-Unit signee made fun of Fif last March by sharing an alleged DM from Cuban Link asking to appear in one of his music videos. The message included a topless photo and her phone number along with the text “video girl?? Keep in mind.”

However, Cuban Link later claimed that she originally sent the message in 2015 when she was attempting to develop her modeling career and called The Game an “irrelevant f*cking bozo.” Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get the latest updates.

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