Since his return in 2020, Roman Reigns has been an unstoppable force, rising to become the Undisputed Universal Champion and earning the title of “Head Of The Table.” For nearly three years, Reigns has defeated every opponent who dared to challenge him. That being said, even Reigns had heat with an ex-WWE Superstar in the past.

There have been longstanding rumors that Roman Reigns was involved in an altercation with Enzo Amore on a WWE tour bus, which led to Amore being kicked off the bus. While these rumors have never been confirmed, it was still stated by many that Reigns had massive heat with Amore. There have also been other reports of altercations between wrestlers on tour buses.

For example, former WWE wrestler Heath Slater once revealed that he was instructed to change buses after getting into a physical altercation with an unnamed superstar. According to Heath Slater, Enzo Amore expected Curtis Axel to attack him moments after the speaker incident.

While speaking to WSI’s James Romero, Slater seemingly disclosed that Curtis Axel (real name Joe Hennig) was the person who got punched. Heath Slater stated that Enzo Amore expected Curtis Axel to attack him moments after the speaker incident.


I did see Enzo and Curtis Axel get into a little scuff on the bus. Enzo was blaring music. There was too many speakers going on, and I remember Hennig, man – when Hennig gets in a mood, he gets in a mood – and I remember him grabbing the speaker and tossing it up through the aisle. Then Enzo got mad and Joe literally was like, ‘I shouldn’t have done that. I’m gonna tell him I’m sorry.

Joe goes up there to apologize, and I think Enzo thought he was gonna fight,” Slater added. “Next thing you know, I think Enzo swung, then Joe swung, and they’re all in the chair fighting. We all had to pull them off. It happens, though, little scuffles do happen.”

In 2018, WWE released Amore following sexual assault allegations, which were ultimately dropped due to insufficient evidence. Similarly, Axel, the offspring of wrestling legend Mr. Perfect, was let go by WWE in 2020. However, he made a comeback to the company in 2022, this time as a behind-the-scenes producer.

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