Drake, a prominent figure in current popular music is attributed with popularizing singing and R&B sensibilities in hip hop. Drake doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon based on his recent output. In 2022 he released the house-leaning Honestly, Nevermind and the 21 Savage for Her Loss collaboration with 21 Savage both of which premiered at the top of the Billboard 200. Despite his accomplishments, the singer has some tracks that he regrets recording.

Drake has admitted that he regrets mentioning his ex-girlfriends in his music particularly after one of them made him consider how the shout-outs affected them. During a recent discussion with Lil Yachty, Drake was reflecting on when he might retire and the conversation went to Drake’s 2016 single “Weston Road Flows,” in which he proposed retiring at 35.

“I hate hearing that sh*t,” Drizzy said of what he now considers to be an ageist statement. “I heard it the other night. I think that and some times when I’ve said girls’ names in songs, maybe those are the two things that I look back on and I’m like, ‘Maybe I coulda done without, like, shi**ing on people for age or disrupting somebody’s life.’”

“The lyrics are never with ill intent, but I had somebody tell me one time, ‘You know, it’s not necessarily what you’re saying about me, it’s the fact that you said it.’” When asked to elaborate on that idea Drake stated that the discussion with his ex made him consider what else might be going on in a former lover’s life when he chooses to share details about their previous relationship in his music.


“Just in the sense like, ‘You don’t know what it does to me,’” he added. “‘You don’t know who my boyfriend is at the time or you don’t know what my family knows or doesn’t know. And if you express any form of discontent for me and call me by name in a song, then all of a sudden I’m left to pick up the pieces of my own life that I’ve tried to build up for myself.’” He continued: “So I’ve tried my best to stop doing that. But I like to be honest in music too, so that one’s a push and pull.”

While this is the first time Drake has spoken out about his misgivings about putting so much of his personal life into his music the subject of his retirement has also been in the news recently. In August 2022 the OVO hitmaker appeared on an episode of Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio where he stated that he wasn’t ready to hang up the mic just yet. Keep an eye on Thirsty for the most latest updates.

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