Are you a musician or artist in the Wellington, Florida area looking for a unique recording experience? Look no further than Riff Raff’s home studio, now available for rent on the studio locating app Stufinder. For a price of $15,000 per hour, artists can record in the “Riff Raff’s Realm” studio, which includes a guard-gated studio space, snacks, and drinks, as well as a verse and social media post from the rapper himself.

Equipped with top-of-the-line equipment, including a Sony c800 microphone, Moog synths, Fender Rhodes keyboard, LA-2Way compressor, and Sony A7IV camera, Riff Raff’s home studio provides a unique recording experience. Smoking is allowed during the 60-minute session, and the studio is wheelchair accessible, has parking, a TV, bathroom, lounge, and fire alarm.

In addition to the impressive amenities, artists can also benefit from Riff Raff’s creative process and unique style. According to the listing, working with Riff Raff can inspire artists to experiment with new sounds, melodies, and lyrics, and observe his approach to writing, recording, and producing music. Even if artists don’t end up working with Riff Raff, meeting him and building a relationship can lead to introductions to other musicians, producers, or industry professionals, and recommendations to his fans and followers, increasing exposure and credibility.

Riff Raff has already released six singles in 2023, including “Clout Collector” with Cash Motivated and AD Green, and is currently working on his follow-up to his 2021 album, Turquoise Tornado. While he may not be the most acclaimed MC out there, his dedication to his career is commendable, and recording in his home studio may be worth the investment for musicians looking to gain exposure and credibility.


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Steve Carrier

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