Jake Paul is all set to step back into the boxing ring for his latest fight against Tommy Fury on February 26th at the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia. However, there have been some recent revelations surrounding the fight that have left fans on edge.

The backup fighter for the event, Mike Perry, has leaked some disconcerting details about the fight just hours before it is scheduled to take place. Perry allegedly uploaded a picture of a script that outlines the events of the fight, leaving many wondering if the fight is pre-determined or scripted in some way.

As per the alleged script, Jake Paul will reportedly make a dramatic entrance to the ring dressed in a baby outfit, in an attempt to mock his opponent. On the other hand, Tommy Fury will dedicate his walkout costume to his wife and newborn child.

The script also suggests that Tommy Fury will take control of the fight in the first two rounds, with Jake Paul only turning the tide in the third. However, in the fourth round, Fury will allegedly start having issues with his left eye, which will prompt the cageside doctor to caution him in the fifth round.


The script further suggests that Fury will continue to take punishment until the eighth and final round, where he will be unable to get up after being knocked down by Jake Paul. This will set the stage for an immediate rematch in Los Angeles.

The script, reportedly from “Troop Boxing Promotions,” paints a clear picture of what could potentially happen in the fight, and the leaked details have raised some concerns about the legitimacy of the event. Many fans are now questioning if the fight is indeed scripted or if it is just a marketing gimmick to generate more interest and hype around the event.

Despite the concerns, the event is set to take place as scheduled, and fans will be eagerly watching to see how the fight plays out in real-time.

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Steve Carrier

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