Nathan Griffith’s appearance on “Teen Mom” has garnered him a lot of positive responses. Griffith, though, is currently making headlines not for his craze but rather for a criminal offense. Nathan Griffith of “Teen Mom” allegedly beat his girlfriend and then confessed to his brother-in-law.

Nathan Griffith, a former Teen Mom star, has been detained and accused of brutally assaulting his partner. After dating and becoming engaged to Jenelle Evans, Nathan appeared on the well-known MTV program. They also have a son together, but their relationship didn’t continue, and both he and Jenelle soon moved on to new relationships.

The incident happened in Florida’s Delray Beach. Nathan’s brother-in-law William informed the police that there had been a domestic incident. William also informed that Nathan had confessed to him that he had hurt his girlfriend over the phone.

Nathan specifically claimed that after he “lost it,” he choked his fiancée and dragged her upstairs in a fit of rage. William texted Nathan’s girlfriend to check whether she was okay after he allegedly hung up, and she responded, “no.”


Nathan was almost immediately obstructive when the police showed up. Nathan informed the authorities that he spoke for both parties and that everything was great. He also claimed that his brother-in-law was under the influence of narcotics and was therefore not a reputable source.

Although Nathan had many scratches on his neck and back, which were noted by the police, he denied any involvement in any sexual activity with his girlfriend when questioned about the wounds. According to court documents acquired by TMZ, his anonymous girlfriend first resisted cooperating.

His girlfriend eventually explained to the police that Nathan’s physical abuse of her caused her to “blackout” and lose all memory of the episode. She didn’t say whether she had been choked, but she did seem to be holding back emotions and appeared to have started weeping.

After the female victim was more at ease, she revealed additional information about what she could recall and even reportedly yelled at the police while they were present. The police also reported that as the police questioning went on, they began to see the injury on her neck. Eventually, Nathan was taken into custody and accused of domestic violence by strangulation.

“I’m 100 some pounds and he’s 250 how in the hell am I supposed to get him off me.”

While they were on Teen Mom together, Nathan and Jenelle experienced a similar circumstance. While Nathan is being loaded into the back of a police car, Jenelle can be seen on the video acting disturbed in the middle of the roadway.

The 911 call made by a neighbor who claimed to have heard Jenelle yelling “get off me, get off me” and pleading with Nathan was also played on the program. The 911 operator gave the caller the reassurance that the cops were en route. The caller identified Jenelle and Nathan when she enquired about their knowledge of those involved.

There are rumors that May Oyola might be the woman who was involved in the most recent domestic disturbance. It’s unknown if the woman Nathan married last year is still alive or if a new woman has entered his life because he swiftly stated that the marriage wasn’t working out. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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