Travis Barker has impressed his fans as the drummer of Blink-182. He made waves when he got involved with Kourtney Kardashian and garnered huge attention for their marriage. Now, after his recent finger injury, he was seen wearing a brace.

There is an upcoming blink-182 tour on the horizon the next month. He had injured his fingers while rehearsing for the tour and has gotten himself in a tough spot. He has been recently spotted with his wife Kourtney with a brace on his left hand.

Travis and Kourtney were holding hands and were on an outing on the streets of WeHo. They were slurping iced matcha drinks and Travis seemed pretty relaxed. The braces can’t be noticed while looking from afar but on zooming on their hands they can be visible.

The duo wore largely all-black clothing. Travis was dressed in a black jacket over a white t-shirt, some dark slacks, and dark shoes, and his brace matched the color of the jacket. Kourtney was dressed in a black jacket over a red shirt, casual-appearing black leggings, and a purse. They both wore similar shades.


Over the weekend, the former blink-182 star shared a photo of his hand looking a bit scruffy. He then posted a shot of an X-ray revealing that it was indeed broken or dislocated. This comes at a bad time for him as Blink is set to begin its reunion world tour in less than a month.

The reunited trio’s massive world tour is slated to kick off on March 11 in Tijuana, Mexico at the Imperial GNP festival. Travis Barker, singer/bassist Mark Hoppus, and frontman Tom Delonge are all set to give their fans a blast from the past with this upcoming tour. We wish Barker a speedy recovery so that he can perform his best the next month.

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