Tom Brady is arguably the greatest player in NFL history. He’s been on top of his game since breaking into the spotlight following the NFL Combine. However, the quarterback is not proud of the photo taken during the NFL Combine showcase. As a result, he once asked Elon Musk to take that photo off Twitter.

It has been a few months since Elon Musk has taken over Twitter. While everyone was shocked at Musk buying out the social media giant, Brady was thinking about his NFL Combine photo. As Musk was eyeing to be the CEO of Twitter, Tom Brady asked him to delete his NFL Combine photo from Twitter.

Brady’s picture was uploaded by a fan directly beneath his tweet. The former New England Patriots player was shown in the video posing for the camera while shirtless and wearing baby blue shorts. Brady ultimately requested that Twitter and Elon Musk immediately ban the user.

Tom Brady might be the GOAT after all the amazing years of trophies-filled seasons he had. However, back in 2000 during the NFL Combine, he was definitely not a very obvious pick for the big teams. Given his physical appearance at the time wasn’t exactly what people were looking for at the event.


Brady was selected as the No. 199 overall pick during the sixth round by the Patriots in 2000. The former quarterback has spent most of his career at the New England Patriots camp. He had spent his three last seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he was once crowned as the Super Bowl MVP.

For the second and perhaps final time, Tom Brady announced his retirement earlier this year. With numerous endeavors under his belt, the football legend is only getting started.

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