In a stunning and unexpected development, a horde of teenagers brazenly invaded an $8 million estate and conducted an outlandish revelry in the absence of its proprietors. The soiree, which was publicized on various social media platforms, has been dubbed a “mansion rager.”

According to Fox News, a video of a boxing match held inside the house was posted online as well. The social media ad told revelers to bring their own drugs and alcohol.

Furthermore, the promotion of the gathering explicitly stated that the festivities would persist until law enforcement officials intervened, insinuating an utter disregard for the consequences of their actions. The homeowners, who elected to remain anonymous, were alerted to the shenanigans transpiring within their abode by concerned neighbors who frantically phoned them to report teenagers scaling their water tower.

“We started receiving numerous phone calls from our neighbors that there were kids on our water tower on our property, there were cars up and down the street, and kids were hopping over the front of our fence,” the homeowner told the outlet.


The proprietors of the residence have expressed their profound distress and anguish in the aftermath of the ordeal, characterizing the incident as a “horrifying” and “total violation” of privacy.

“I saw they had thrown like avocados at the wall, there was damage to sheetrock and baseboards. They had thrown tools through the sheetrock of our garage. They had my daughter’s toys scattered around the property,” they added. 

The party reportedly resulted in thousands of dollars worth of damages which also includes a broken front gate. There is no word on if the teens involved have been charged with anything. Stay tuned to Thirsty For News as we keep you updated on this story.

Sunil Joseph

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