In a shocking turn of events, Dwayne Herelle Jr., a 28-year-old MMA fighter, has been charged with criminal homicide in the brutal murder of his ex-girlfriend, Irene Torres. The horrific incident took place in January, when Torres was allegedly stabbed to death by Herelle Jr. outside her parent’s home in the tranquil city of Nashville, Tennessee.

A press release from the local police states that Herelle met Torres outside the home at 1:30 am on January 28 after she returned from work. Police say that he told detectives they argued and that he stabbed her.

According to reports, after stabbing Torres outside her home, Dwayne Herelle Jr. allegedly transported her body to his own apartment, where he stored her in a storage bin in his Bellevue closet. The gravity of the situation was evident in the packed courtroom on February 15, where Torres’ friends and family gathered to hear the latest developments in the case.

According to WKRN, the harrowing details of the murder of Irene Torres were further illuminated during a recent hearing, as described by Metro Nashville Police Department Detective Derry Baltimore. According to Baltimore, surveillance footage outside Torres’ home captured the tragic events of that fateful night. He revealed that after getting into an argument, Dwayne Herelle Jr. began stabbing Torres before ultimately placing her in the trunk of his car.


The gravity of the situation was made even more apparent by the playing of court video, which included the horrific screams of Torres as she suffered through the brutal attack.

Detective Derry Baltimore from the Metro Nashville Police Department revealed that the autopsy report showed Torres had been stabbed more than 17 times. Additionally, detectives on the case have also revealed that Dwayne Herelle Jr. allegedly disposed of his bloody pants and Torres’ purse in a dumpster located behind a local grocery store.

The police have revealed that Dwayne Herelle Jr. initially denied seeing Torres for several days and even told her father that she was staying at a downtown hotel. However, when Herelle and Torres’ father were on their way to the supposed location, Herelle admitted to stabbing Torres, which was caught on video by her father.

In the wake of this confession, the police searched Herelle’s apartment and discovered Torres’ body.

“We went to the closet area, and I could see the victim inside of a clear tote, looked like she was wrapped in some type of comforter,” Baltimore said during the hearing.

The older sister of Irene Torres, Reyna Douglas, has spoken out about the details of her sister’s murder. According to Douglas, Dwayne Herelle Jr. was lying in wait for Torres to return home from work, and then ambushed her from behind. He then proceeded to repeatedly stab Torres in front of their parent’s house.

“When her parents awoke hours later and realized she never came inside the house, they checked their security cameras along with their neighbors’ cameras and saw Dwayne forcibly dragging Irene out of the camera’s frame,” she wrote. “Her mom called 911 and her dad rushed to Dwayne’s apartment to bring his daughter home. What he got instead was a confession from Dwayne.”

According to Douglas, the relationship was marked by physical and emotional abuse, leaving Torres in a vulnerable and dangerous situation.

Douglas has claimed that Torres mustered up the courage to leave the relationship, and in the middle of the night, returned to their parent’s home seeking safety.

“Irene showed immense bravery in leaving her abusive relationship and was so happy to start her new life with the support of her family, only to be hunted down in her front yard and brutally murdered one month later,” she concluded.

It’s sad to see someone go suffer the ordeal that Irene must’ve suffered in her final moments. We at Thirsty For News extend our heartfelt condolences to the family in these tragic times.

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