Rihanna continues to be one of the most accomplished vocalists in the music industry. The music icon was the headline performer for this year’s Super Bowl halftime show and made it a memorable one after revealing her second pregnancy to the world during the show. Rihanna’s father learned about this huge news in the same way that everyone else did, while watching the halftime show.

Ronald Fenty tells TMZ that he is overjoyed about his daughter and A$AP Rocky’s newest child. But given that he already has 4 grandsons, he is hoping Rihanna will change things up by gifting them an adorable girl.

Ronald informed TMZ that Rihanna gave him tickets to the big game without telling him that she was expecting a baby. He was incredibly shocked when he saw the bump from the stands, telling his partner, “Oh my god! My baby girl looks pregnant!”

Ronald was wishing for a girl around this time last year when Rihanna’s pregnancy was first made public, saying he had a hunch they wouldn’t stop at just 1. Given RiRi’s insanely busy schedule and Ronald living in Barbados, he claims he hasn’t yet been involved with RiRi and A$AP’s son’s life.


Ronald claims to be excited about the opportunity of having a granddaughter. Despite their tumultuous history together, Ronald says he would adore to meet and spend time with Rihanna’s new child. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get more updates.

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