Kim Kardashian became a billionaire in 2021 and ever since then, her success has skyrocketed and she also became the subject of controversy. When it comes to the Kardashians fans always keep their eyes and ears alert because they generate a lot of headlines and they usually come with a twist. Kim recently invited some extraterrestrial friends to pose beside her in a spacey photo shoot for her shapewear Brand Skims. Fans are now making fun of the businesswoman claiming that she is responsible for UFO sightings.

Kim Kardashian’s supporters believe they have discovered an alien connection between the famous businesswoman and some unusual occurrences in the sky, thanks in part to Kim’s current swimwear campaign. The SKIMS founder teased fans with pictures of Kim surrounded by aliens in bikinis and swimwear from her upcoming SKIMS Swim collection on Thursday.

Fans couldn’t help themselves, especially with all of the current alien speculation, and took to the comments section to offer explanations and connect Kim to the recent sightings. One user wrote, “All those UFOS shot down to prep us for the skims swim launch, it all makes sense now.”

Another fan joked, “On the next episode of the Kardashians, Kim: “Mom the government literally shot down my SKIMS drones. Like, they were just a promo!” Since the United States recently shot down multiple unexplained objects hovering in the sky above the U.S. and Canada, social media has been in a panic. Many people actually believed that aliens have finally arrived.


President Biden addressed the media on Thursday, indicating that the items fired down, except the Chinese balloons, are all more than likely balloons utilized for research and weather purposes. Whether she is engaged in the objects in the sky or not, fans have already assumed she is. Let’s see how Kim reacts to this. Keep an eye on Thirsty for the most latest updates.

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Shivangini Rawat

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