Drake has recorded numerous songs throughout his career. It’s safe to say that his voice is very unique, and the tonality of his voice can easily be recognized. However, when YouTuber iShowSpeed complimented his voice, the rapper hung up on him.

iShowSpeed was doing a YouTube live which nearly had about 50000 people clocking in. He tried his luck at calling Drizzy following some direct messages on Instagram. To his surprise, the Canadian rapper answered and left the YouTuber ecstatic throughout their interaction.

“Yo, Drake! What’s good, bruh? Oh my God. Yo Drake, what’s up dog? You look great right now. What’s up? Yo, you look good, bruh! Damn, this is crazy, bruh. You gotta understand, for me, this is crazy, bruh. Drake, I’m a huge fan of you, bro.”

The YouTube star was so starstruck by Drizzy, he couldn’t arrange his words to speak. In such a rush of emotions, he said that Drake’s voice is “sexy” and complimented his smooth tone. To this, the Canadian rapper immediately cut off the two-minute call.


Drake’s hanging up left iShowSpeed contemplating on how he should’ve complimented him. He regretted and vented by saying that Drake is”not gonna answer the phone again.” He jumped out of his chair and started punching his chair in anger after the event.

Speed has always been a huge fan of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. In the call, he asked Drake who’d he choose between Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo. To Speed’s amusement, Drizzy chose Ronaldo and it made the YouTuber think that their connection is “special.”

Before suddenly hanging up the phone, Drake praised Speed and the work he’s been doing online. Drizzy showered his love on him and told him that he was proud of him. It’s safe to say, even after terminating the call abruptly, they still will be on good terms.

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