Arnold Schwarzenegger, a man of many talents, made a remarkable transition from being a Hollywood icon to a political figure. However, he recently made multiple headlines after he was involved in a traffic accident on Feb 4. Although Schwarzenegger was not responsible fault for his most recent road incident, his friends are advising the actor to take a limo so he won’t unintentionally kill himself.

On February 4 in Brentwood, Los Angeles, the former governor of California was traveling in his black SUV along San Vicente Boulevard when a female cyclist swerved into his lane and was struck by him. She was brought to the emergency room.

According to law enforcement sources, Arnold wasn’t driving fast when the woman suddenly turned in front of his car. According to reports, the woman’s condition is stable. Officers do not think that drugs or alcohol were involved. According to a source, the actor took the woman’s bike and had a nearby shop fix it.

However, according to reports by RadarOnline, the actor’s pals still want him to quit driving and hire a chauffeur. A source said, “He loves cruising around Los Angeles, but he seems to be cursed, and his friends want him to quit while he’s still ahead.”


“He’s still recovering from major heart surgery and needs to consider the overall risks he’s taking.”

According to an insider, “It’s being called an unfortunate traffic accident and no crime was committed, but Arnie’s pal thinks it’s time to let someone else do the driving.”

Arnold was involved in a multi-car accident in January of last year that hospitalized another driver. Arnold’s car crashed into a Porsche and ended up on top of a Prius. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get the latest updates.

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