Connor McGregor is all set to go inside the ring with Michael Chandler. However, there hasn’t been much discussion about the fight from McGregor’s camp. Now, he has come forward with his first thoughts about the bout.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, he conducted his first reaction to the match. “I’m looking forward to it,” McGregor said when asked about his match against Michael Chandler. He says that he’s very excited and is already throwing much better punches.

“I’m looking forward to it. I feel good, I feel energetic, I feel ready. I’m throwing up my high kicks faster than I’m throwing out my jab. So I’m very excited to get back. [I fly to Vegas] tomorrow.”

The former two-weight world champion’s comeback was announced earlier this month. Aside from a few retweets and some vague picture captions, he has remained quiet on the bout. He heads for Vegas tomorrow where he will probably get trained some more.


McGregor has been out of action for over a year and a half healing a broken leg. He broke his leg during his UFC 264 match with Dustin Poirier in 2021. He’s 1-2 in his last three fights, which include back-to-back defeats to Poirier and a dominant victory over Donald Cerrone.

The UFC president, Dana White announced the fight at the beginning of the month. However, this huge match-up still has no date or location set. Chandler has spoken at length about the bout but has not got much of a reaction from the legendary fighter.

McGregor and Chandler are also set to coach opposite each other on “The Ultimate Fighter” which will be shot in Vegas. It’s a dream match for MMA fans to see these two heavyweights clash not once but twice in the same year in two different settings.

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